The first time that Pan European Music was presented as an emerging musical expression at the Continent due to the need of artists to define their European identity, it was in 2005 at the Musexpo international conference in Los Angeles, California.

My name is Marc Durandeau and I am a singer-songwriter. I live in Magdeburg, Germany and I am originally from Barcelona. I have also resided in the United States, France and Luxembourg.

The rapprochement of European Peoples is a reality that inspires many artists

Marc Durandeau

Europe in Motion

If you are dying for a change 
What are you waiting for 
The Universe will roll with you

Why do you hold on to your expectations and patience 
When you are so much in pain 
Look for the strength to cross lines
Walk to a new life tomorrow is yours to create

Welcome to Europe in motion 
Soar with your dream to your station 
Welcome to Europe in motion 
Take your dream to your space station

Like when you skydive for the first time
You’re feeling so high
When you follow your dreams
This is the sound of your heart
It’s beating so hard cause
You might get what you want

Welcome to Europe in motion…

And when your addictions whisper low 
I kiss you so softly and hold you close 
Just let them all go

Welcome to Europe in motion…