Pan-European music is a mixture of different musical styles in a multilingual expression that includes messages of a social nature reflecting a pan-European identity.

The Pan-European Music Projects Association is launching different strategies to coordinate artists and universities willing to investigate different issues such as the values of coexistence in humanity, societies, science, European identity, etc. and thus generate useful themes and arguments to inspire Clusters when writing their lyrics.

We have organized the first Cluster, ‘The Liverpool Cluster‘, a group of 6 potential artists who, after a debate and a co-writing process, will produce an album. The same procedure will take place in other European cities.

Elements in Motion

Stars On Blue

The approach of European peoples is a reality that inspires many artists.

The first time that the pan-European music was presented as musical concept, due to the need of some artists to define their European identity, it was in 2005 at the Musexpo international conference in Los Angeles, California, by Marc Durandeau

Marc Durandeau

Europe in Motion