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The Pan European Music is a mix of different music styles into a multilingual expression which includes messages that represent the values of coexistence in the Continent such as peace, respect, democracy and unity for diversity. The song Stars on Blue from Elements in Motion is an example of Pan European Folk.

Stars on Blue

Dreamers, scientists and guides
Artists and leaders
Makers of cause hopes and glories
Take the hand of one of us
Sing with us our welcome song

From Athens to Lisbon
Through Dublin to Stockholm
Welcome people welcome home

In Europe theres a place
Where to sing with pried and grace
Bringing love to the World

In the name of Unity
Sing out loud our golden truth
In our sky there are strs on blue

Artisans de la justice de droit et de liberté
Nos voix sont l’avenir
Chantez avec nous ce soir

De paris à Varsovie
De Londres Berne et Roma
Welcome people welcome home

In Europe theres a place
where to sing with pried and grace
Bringing love to the World …

Beaucoup de gent divers endroit
Vielfalt ist unsere Schatz
Una cançó que neix del cor
Our strength has no end
United will grow
And I will sing it laud for you
And I will make it clear for you


The first time I presented this concept to the public was in 2005 at the international music conference Musexpo in Los Angeles, California.

While standing in the conference room I asked to the audience and lecturers their opinion about a music expression emerged in Europe for the need of defining an upcoming European identity.My name is Marc Durandeau and I am a singer-songwriter with a transnational identity French father and a Catalan mother. I’ve lived in Catalonia, United States, France, Luxembourg and now Germany. I write and sing in different languages. Every language has a cultural code that influence my compositions, lyrics and arrangements, there for when I create a repertoire is full of diversity. Then journalists and professionals ask how do I market this concept? Since 2005 the answer has been: in the Pan European Music genres.

In 20014 after meeting with Daniel Thürler a folk Swiss music composer and accordionist we have created in 2018 along with the guitarist Alex Miralles and the bassist Alfred Mosimann the first Pan European Folk Band called Elements in Motion (e-motion).

I am developing targets to settle The Pan European Music in a place where other artists could maybe feel as well comfortable within.

Europe in Motion

If you are dying for a change
What are you waiting for
The Universe will roll with you

Why do you hold on to your expectations and patience
When you are so much in pain
Look for the strength to cross lines
Walk to a new life tomorrow is yours to create

Welcome to Europe in motion
Soar with your dream to your station
Welcome to Europe in motion
Take your dream to your space station

Like when you skydive for the first time
You’re feeling so high
When you follow your dreams
This is the sound of your heart
It’s beating so hard cause
You might get what you want

Welcome to Europe in motion…

And when your addictions whisper low
I kiss you so softly and hold you close
Just let them all go

Welcome to Europe in motion…


help us to explain it


We are filming a documentary where artists from different countries get together to compose and write new songs while sharing conversations about their lives and vision for the Pan European Art.


We offer a 60' to 120' minutes conference and workshop to cultural and educational institutions to explain the Pan European Music Concept with Speech | live music | videos


We have settled an association from which to make a call to artists and Bands for joining the Pan European Music genres. This association will help record and promote their projects.