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The Pan European Music is a mix of different musical styles into a multilingual expression that includes messages about the values of coexistence in the European Continent, such as human dignity, freedom, gender equality, tolerance, respect to the minorities, among others. (Human Rights)

Elements in Motion

Stars On Blue

Dreamers, scientists and guides
Artists and leaders
Makers of causes hopes and glories
Take the hand of one of us
Sing with us our welcome song


The rapprochement of European Peoples is a reality that inspires artists

The first time that the pan-European music was presented as an emerging Continental musical expression, due to the need of some artists to define their European identity, it was in 2005 at the Musexpo international conference in Los Angeles, California.

My name is Marc Durandeau and I am a singer-songwriter. I live in Magdeburg, originally from Barcelona. I have also resided in the United States, France, and Luxembourg. I sing in different languages and love talking about societies and their way of seeing the World. I am looking forward to meeting and writing with other artists the songs that will explain new sounds arisen from a natural rapprochement of the European Peoples

Marc Durandeau

Europe in Motion

If you go crazy for a change 
What are you waiting for 
Let the Universe roll with you

A Call to the artists

If you are a Singer-Songwriter, Band or performer and feel interested in a pan-European music experience, send us an email and we’ll get back to you with more information. 

The Pan European Music Project

From the association The PANEM Project we work to reach out a European network from where to help the Pan European Music Artists develop, produce, promote and present their work.


From PANEM we offer conferences and Workshops to cultural and educational institutions in order to bring the concept of The Pan European Music to students and teachers.